Documentary Film about the Music of the ‪Saz‬

–Mood Teaser SAZ — English from Stephan Talneau on Vimeo.

The Bağlama, the SAZ, an instrument hardly known in the West – but treasured in Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq and Greece. Reason enough to go on a voyage and dive into these vibrant worlds of music, while visiting and playing with local SAZ wizards…. a spellbinding musical and cultural documentary
This beautiful longnecked lute is used mainly in Turkish folk music. Other ethnic groups like the Kurds, Azeris, Bosnians and Greeks also play it, although the shape of the instrument is sometimes slightly different. It is probably the most widely played instrument in Anatolia still today
A large part of the history of these cultures has been transmitted orally from generation to generation. Through songs and poems a collective memory has been created and kept alive by the Saz playing singers. Everything carries a message from the past of which the Saz is a witness. „The Saz is like a library“ says Erdal Erzincan…and we will get on a train, a plane, a horse or even walk on the long and narrow road to discover its secrets.


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